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  • Scott Hescht

Could You Be Getting Ahead of God?

I know this is probably not a popular message, but I believe it’s an important one. I think it’s one of the secrets to actively pursuing God’s calling with joy and contentment.

What if instead of continually striving to keep up with God and fulfill our great purpose, we stopped to consider that we might have run ahead of God? Our lives with God and for His Kingdom are compared to a race (1 Corinthians 9:24; 2 Timothy 4:7; Hebrews 12:1-2). It’s a race that is meant to be run. We can’t afford to sit on the sideline. However we are also called to rest (Matthew 11:28-30; John 15:4-5; Hebrews 4:3). Not run and then rest, but rest and run in unison.

I think one of the areas where we can find ourselves running but not resting is in the mistaken notion that God requires us all to be Usain Bolt; you know, the world record breaking track star. Or maybe it’s that “we” only see our worth if we’re Usain Bolt. Either way, what if God just wants you to get in the race and trust Him? Would you be okay with being Rudy Ruettiger, the famous Norte Dame walk-on player who was far from the star athlete? He just wanted get in the game wearing His favorite team’s colors.

We’re on God’s team! By grace! Not anything that we’ve earned (Ephesians 2). We’re on the team and we get to compete. But it’s God’s team, His winning team, and He gets to decide what position and role we play (John 21:20-22). If you knew that you had a great reward, beyond imagination, awaiting you if you just get in the race and fight the good fight of faith, would that be enough?

When I’ve sought my own definition for greatness for God, I usually find myself discouraged because I got ahead of Him (Mark 9:33-35). I can sense Him saying, “Scott, slow down and keep pace. You’re not meant to be that dude up front. He has His own role that I’ve given Him. You just keep pace with me here. Is that good enough for you? Can you be okay with my design? I promise the payoff will be worth it!”

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