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  • Scott Hescht

God’s Kingdom Will Prevail

There are things in this life that I may never fully understand until I see God face-to-face and can see 20/20. However, I believe that God, the Bible, and this world make a lot more sense when I see God’s sovereignty, not as a puppet master controlling every movement in world history (both good and evil). Rather I see the Bible revealing to us a God who is King, yet gives humanity the control it demands so that eventually they’ll realize that they need to give it back. The Bible seems to predict that many won’t. However, I also have warranted and assured hope that the Kingdom of God will prevail. What a God we have! Despite all the mess we see in our world, He continues to sovereignly weave his plan through his crucified, resurrected, and exalted Son Jesus to bring about a new creation! Will you see that in faith, even in 2020? If so, what role will you play as fellow children and image bearers?

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