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  • Scott Hescht

"God Told Me"

I hate to say it. But my experience over the years has shown that the phrase "God told me" has been used as a defense mechanism as much as a revelation. The author in the linked article is right; it kills conversation and any possible objection. Who can argue with God, right? I too prefer to say "I believe God is saying or directing me to such and such..." It's humble to realize we are fallible and most of the time haven't had a Moses-type experience when "God said so". If we really want to hear from God, we need to not only check ourselves against Scripture, but also be open to hearing from other Spirit-filled believers in our life that may offer a different perspective. I know there have been times I could have greatly benefited from people who love God and love me, but saw things differently. Yes, sometimes God may call us to a place that others just don't understand. However, it's wise to understand that sometimes the greatest manipulators in our lives are ourselves.

How to Respond When Someone Says “God Told Me”

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