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  • Scott Hescht

Perspective Changes Everything

This is an extremely important area where many Christians completely miss the boat. Grasping it will change the lenses through which you approach the world. It’s understanding that God’s main purpose for you isn’t about getting you out of the world and into heaven. It’s about getting heaven into you and through you into the world. Jesus’ death and resurrection isn’t just about forgiving us of our sins and so we try to obey Jesus because we are grateful. It’s that Jesus’ resurrection was the beginning of a new creation. When we look to Jesus, His Holy Sprit takes up residence in us and so that new creation begins to take shape in us. That’s why I have turned from primarily identifying myself as a miserable sinner saved by the grace of God. That’s not how the Bible after Jesus primarily describes believers either. Yes we sin. John says if we say we are without sin then we are liars and the truth is not in us. However, by the grace of God, we are now referred to as Saints (holy ones), children of God, lights of the world, new creations! How you identify yourself and understand God’s activity through you and his purpose through you in the world will drastically change your worldview. It’s time we understand who we are as believers and allow God to transform us now, not just in the future state. You were created in the image of God. All of us humans were. We were made to reflect his goodness and glory in the world. Through faith in Jesus, you are being renewed into that image that was tarnished by sin. See yourself in a new light! See yourself as you were meant to be. It makes all the difference in the world!

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