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  • Luke Yagelski

The Devil’s Four D’s

By Luke Yagelski

When God has called you to a ministry of any sort, the devil will try to DISTRACT you - be it with other interests, pursuits, pleasures, etc. If that doesn't work, he will try to DISSUADE you - give you all the reasons why you shouldn't obey God: "It's not financially need to worry about more important things...what will others think?'s crazy!!!" If you still press on and engage in what God has told you to do, the devil will try to DISCOURAGE you - "It's not doing any're not fit for this really worth it? suck." If you still run the race, the devil will try to DERAIL you - through a sexual or monetary temptation, or through offense and bitterness, or through pride, etc. And, of course, the devil is happy to bring any of his D's to bear on you at any time if that might get you away from what God has told you to do.

Jesus, however, will help you to FOCUS on His calling and not get sidetracked. He will FORTIFY you in His will and keep you from being swayed. He will help you FIND JOY even amidst the trials of this calling and He will empower you to FINISH the work He has called you to do.

Are you feeling any of the devil's D's today? Bring it to Jesus, and let Him bathe you in His truth.

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