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  • Scott Hescht

When We Don’t Want To Let Go

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble." - James 4:6

Pride is a difficult sin to uproot. It wants to stay justified in its position. It fears losing control, falling short, being wrong, asking for help, or letting go. It holds tightly to those idols, ideas or world-views that stand in contrast to Jesus Christ. In the end, it makes us callous and less human.

It’s no wonder then that the gospel calls us to humility and surrender. I remember when the Holy Spirit first prodded me to let go. Something in me wanted to grip even tighter. It still does when God begins to reveal those areas in my life. I want to pretend they don’t exist or aren’t what they seem, and I’m defensive when others observe them in me. They’re like life-sucking leeches that won’t relinquish (Do I control it or does it control me?)

However, when we finally let go, we wonder why we ever feared in the first place. In the release of control, we find a breath of fresh air, like coming up from a near-drowning experience. It’s a freedom from that which had such a death strangle on us. We find for the first time, or once again, the abundant life that Jesus has called us to.

Remember, your fear of letting go is a lie. Be courageous! What is God calling you to let go of today?

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